Access to your money anytime, anywhere.

  • Use your card anywhere you see the MasterCard® Logo
  • More efficient than writing checks.
  • Suspicious transaction monitoring by our Fraud Center

Lost or Stolen Debit or ATM Card.

  • If you suspect that your card is lost or stolen you must CANCEL the card ASAP. You can do this through our Telephone Banking System, Online Banking, Mobile Banking App or by calling or stopping by any of our branches and notifying us of your lost/stolen card; we can also take care of ordering you a replacement card.
    • 1-877-FHBT2GO Telephone Banking System
    • 1(865)738-2222 Main Office

Traveling with your Debit Card? 

  • Let our staff know that you are traveling and plan to use your Foothills Bank & Trust Debit Card, we will note your travel details so our Fraud Center does not suspect fraudulent activity on your accounts. 
  • If our Fraud Center does suspect transactions on your card they will attempt to contact you, be sure your contact information is always up to date in our system. You can update your information by calling any of our branches and asking to speak to a Customer Service Representative.
  • Also, be advised that if you plan to use your Debit Card outside the state of Tennessee you will be required to input your PIN where available.