The Foothills Teller - a Newsletter by Foothills Bank & Trust 

We developed this newsletter as a way of staying in touch with our customers. Published quarterly, this newsletter will be filled with helpful banking tips, product highlights, community events, employee spotlights as well as new trends in the banking and online world. We hope you find this information informative and useful. We welcome any suggestions that you may have for topics you would like for us to cover. You may submit suggestions to

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This bank was born and raised in this community, by members of this community. Our Main Office sits on what used to be farm land, an orchard to be exact. What better place to plant a bank than in the fruitful orchard. A picture of the old farm house hangs in the lobby of our Main Office as a reminder of the ever changing community we serve. Many of the customers of this bank are long time community members, having raised generations here. Although Foothills Bank & Trust is fairly young, our roots in the community are grounded in our customers. After all, the most important part of a tree are its roots.